3 Tips for Eating Healthy Protein this Ramadhaan

1. Fat Matters. Avoid saturated fats. Choose beans, fish, poultry, and nuts over fatty meats (beef, whole milk, whole milk products, etc).

2. Skip red and processed. Processed meats (such as fast food, cold cuts, turkey bacon) are unhealthy and don’t offer much nutrition. And red meat (beef) is hard to digest. Again, beans, some grains (quinoa), nuts, poultry, and fish are better choices.

3. Protein Parade. A healthy adult needs to consume about 60-65 grams of protein per day. Break this down per meal, and it comes out to 20 grams each. During Ramadhaan, since we basically skip lunch, it’s important to get those proteins in the meals that we do eat, especially suhoor.

Based on the article: 5 Tips for Eating Healthy Protein