Suhoor Blessings (Activities, Knowledge Quest board game, Trivia Cards)

Below are some activities based on the audio class titled, “Pre-dawn Meal (Suhuur)”.  The purpose is to help make us familiar with some of the aspects of suhoor.

The activities include quizzes, trivia cards, and 2 board games: Knowledge Quest and Spokes. Both adults and children can benefit from these activities.

First, listen to the audio (link given below). Take notes on things you are not familiar with. The activities below are all based on knowledge about suhoor and its blessings.

If you have young children, use the audio transcript as a guide to help you explain the information using words they can understand. Listening to the audio yourself and taking notes on a printed transcript can help you explain it.

Present only one section of the audio information at a time to children. Then do the activity that matches up with what you explained. That way, it will be easier for them to retain what you teach them.

**Adults: Please Do Not use the transcript unless you are not able to listen and take notes. The transcript here is for those who have children who are not able to grasp the information without adult help.

Each activity has the list of materials you will need. If you find any mistakes (like typos, etc), please use the comment feature on the blog to let me know.

I. Audio Fasting – Pre-Dawn Meal – Sahoor
The audio has two parts. The first part is an explanation of the two fajrs (about 3 minutes long). The second part is an explanation of suhoor (about 18 minutes long).
Click the play button below to listen to the recorded class.

II. Transcript
Print the  Pre-Dawn Meal/Suhoor Transcript (pdf). Use this transcript by reading it while listening to the audio. Use only for teaching children–Adults, please listen to the lecture.

III. Activities

1) The Two Fajrs
Foldable project. Review of material.
Instructions for: Two Fajrs Activity (pdf)

2) The Best Foods
Foldable project. Review of material.
Instructions for: Best Foods Activity (pdf)

3) The Meaning of “Blessing”


2 thoughts on “Suhoor Blessings (Activities, Knowledge Quest board game, Trivia Cards)

  1. Assalamualaikum sister,

    May Allah reward you for the great effort you have put into this website. Masha’Allah so many great resources to use. I was just wondering where I can find the game cards for the “Knowledge Quest Board Game”. It seems like such a great game, but I can’t seem to find the link to the game cards anywhere. Would you please send the link to me? Jazaka’Allahu khairan.

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