Live desktop programs from Makkah & Madeena

Put the Program on Your Desktop:

  • Copy this text-> mms://
  • Go to your Desktop
  • Right Click any where (but not on an icon)
  • Hold your mouse over the word “New” in the drop down menu
  • Then select “Shortcut”
  • A New Window will Appear
  • Paste the text “mms://” you copied earlier.
  • Right click in the box that says “Type the location of the item:”
  • Choose paste

Name the Shortcut:

  • Then click Next (don’t click Browse)
  • The computer will ask you to give the Shortcut a new name.
  • Give the shortcut a new name as  “Makkah”
  • Then Finish

Play the Program:

  • Open The Short Cut. Now its playing Makkah Live Program (just wait for a while for buffering).

Load Madeena Live:

  • Do the same procedure for Madeena Live Program
  • Use the url mms://

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