Eid Planner: Pattern Inventory Sheet

It can be very frustrating when sewing garments for the family when you don’t know what patterns you have or even what patterns you need. I searched the web for a pattern inventory sheet and could not find one. Since I need one for myself, I created it. And I want to share it with all the seamstresses out there.

There are two forms, so let me explain.

1– The inventory sheet listed by manufacturer available in both a PDF for printing then filling in by pen/pencil, and as a Word document for filling in by typing then priting. For those OpenOffice users (like me), I will upload that format as well Insha’Allah.

A quick note about OpenOffice, if you don’t have it, get it. First, it’s free (and we love free). Second, it has the same functions as Microsoft Office (that Xpensive stuff), which means its not that garbage Microsoft Works software home computers come with. So, save yourself some money. I don’t care that the other day, the FedReserv Chief said the recession is over. It ain’t over til we all say its over; and it ain’t over for some of us! Okay, sorry about that.

2–The other inventory sheet is listed by pattern type (blouse, skirt, dress), again available in both a PDF for printing then filling in by pen/pencil, and as a Word document for filling in by typing then priting.

You may want to do the PDF, then type up the Word doc as the final copy.

You will probably not have time to do a complete inventory before ‘Eid, so I suggest you print out the sheet and then write down which pattern you will need for which family member. This helps especially if you have a large family or if you will be sewing for someone else.

Download Documents

Pattern Inventory by Manufacturer (PDF)

Pattern Inventory by Manufacturer (Word 2000/XP)

Pattern Inventory by Manufacturer (OpenOffice)


Pattern Inventory by Type (PDF)

Pattern Inventory by Type (Word 2000/XP)

Pattern Inventory by Type (OpenOffice)

Instructions on How to use the

pattern inventory

How to Fill in the Inventory Sheet:

Scroll down to the inventory form below. Click in the first blank space under the word “Description”. Type in the information for EACH pattern. Use the TAB key to move to the next empty spaces. If you reach the end of the entire form and need more rows, simply hit the TAB key; another page will be created with the same titles as the previous page. You will need to hit the TAB key at the end of each row to create a new row (the formatting will automatically be repeated). Each page holds 34 rows.

Once you have filled in all of your information, use the SORT function to put the list in alphabetical order based on description. It is best to use description headers like blouse, pants, dress, skirt, purse, etc.

Finally, print your inventory list. Start printing with page 2 to avoid printing this instruction page.

Another option is to print multiple copies of the inventory sheet and fill it in by hand.

How To Use Sort function:

  • Highlight the rows you want to sort. Don’t highlight the row containing the titles.
  • Click the word “Table” from the toolbar menu.
  • Then click “Sort” – the software automatically has the sort selected in ascending order.
  • Click “OK”

How to Use the Inventory

Take your Pattern Inventory with you to the fabric store. You will have a nice list of what you DON’T need to purchase. This will save you time looking through pattern books.

This can also be a guide to help you decide which clothing items to make for family members. Put the guide in a sheet protector and use a dry erase marker to write the person’s name next to the pattern you will be using. I also use sharpie markers on sheet protectors. To erase, write over the sharpie writing with a dry erase marker and then wipe off.

It is also useful to keep this list in a binder or other such place to stay organized.

Sharing is Caring! Do you have something you want to share with other readers?

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