Itikaf coloring book (finished!)

AlHamdulillah. I finished the itikaf coloring book that I’ve been working on. Phew!

The coloring book is about the things a person can do while in itikaf (Permitted acts during Itikaf) based on the article (Rallying Around the Rulings for Itikaaf).

The book has 15 pages. Print one, all, or only a few pages (your choice). These sheets can also be used for non-itikaf Islamic projects. Click HERE to print “My Itikaf Coloring Book” (pdf).

Table of Contents:

Cover Page (masjid under the moon and stars)
I love to stay in the masjid in Ramadhan (family car headed to the masjid)
I can bring (pics of food)
I can also bring (pics of juice/milk)
I should wear my best (thobe)
Boys can wear (cologne)
I should wear my best (abaya)
I can sleep in my (sleeping bag)
I can put up my (tent)
I can take a shower (water, soap)
I can wash my hair (comb, shampoo)
I can read quran (book)
I can pray to allah (prayer rug)
I can ask allah (outline of hands)
Tomorrow is ‘Eid (family car headed home from masjid)

Have fun! Give me feedback cuz sometimes what I think is a great idea is sometimes actually not all that great. I tried the book out on a couple of test subjects. They liked it. But they may be just a little bit biased!

Craft: Eid Banner

Eid Banner

This Eid banner is perfect décor to help children feel the specialness of the Eid in a fun and inviting way.


  • colored card stock or paper
  • scissors or decorative scissors/pinking shears
  • utility knife
  • ribbon, 1/8-inches wide, about 4 yards – match to card stock color
  • pushpins
  • crepe paper streamers to match card stock and ribbon (optional)


1. Download the It’s Eid Banner Template or the Eid Mubarak Banner Template (click to download). Look at each page of the template and decide which pages you want to print.  There are 2 motif designs included in the template (on pages 4 and 5). It’s better to choose only one motif to keep the banner design consistent.  You can print out multiple copies of the motif  pages that you decide to use.

rplanner 048 2. Print the pages that match your selection onto colored card stock or paper. Cut out along the circular line. Use decorative scissors or pinking shears to give letters a decorative edge.

rplanner 049

This picture shows the Ramadhan Banner

3. Use a utility knife to cut two vertical slits near top of circle. Then, arrange letters into words and design. String letters together by threading ribbon  through slits. It helps to put tape on one end of the ribbon to help it slide through the cut.

Hang banner in a corner or between opposite walls with pushpins. Hang in one or two rows. Use crepe paper streamers as additional decorations.