eid banner

I love this banner. It’s made with scrap book paper. The sister sent me the instructions on how to make this (for ramadhan and eid). See how-to after the photos.

View her blog post HERE.


  • scrapbook paper, or card stock, or decorative paper
  • scissors
  • glue or double stick tape
  • yarn
  • clear tape
  • templates (Banner Letters, and Banner Flags)


  1. print the template containing the letters.
  2. print 2 sheets of template for the banner flags (triangles).
  3. cut out each flag/triangle.
  4. cut out each square of letters (see photo of banner before cutting).
  5. attach letters to the flags with glue or double stick tape.
  6. use clear tape to secure a long piece of yarn or ribbon to the back side of the flags.
  7. hang and enjoy.