Thinking Ahead to Ramadhaan

There are about 3 months before Ramadhaan begins insha’Allah.

Have you been thinking about what kind of educational, craft, and other non-food supplies you will need for the children? Now is a good time to begin shifting our minds towards that direction. Taking the time now to plan and shop will help you have a more peaceful and productive month insha’Allah.

Insha’Allah, I will do a series of posts on how to get ready and save money in the process.

In the meantime, think about the activities you did last year and the supplies you needed. Find an empty spiral notebook (or binder with loose leaf paper).  The next time we meet, notebooks in hand, we will begin the journey together on “Project Ramadhaan” insha’Allah.

What items do you stock up on before Ramadhaan? Drop a comment!