[Project] “Unclutter for Ramadhan”

The objective for this project is to have the family collect items around the house that are not being used, and give them away during the month of Ramadhaan to someone less fortunate . This is as easy way to teach children to give.

The give-away items can be placed in a plastic storage bin or in a box. Wash or clean and/or iron any items in the Ramadhan Give-away that needs it. Items to be given away need to be in usable and clean condition.


–.*.–.*.–.*.– The Unclutter Project –.*.–.*.–.*.–

Your Unclutter Assignment: the Bedroom closet

Donna Smallin (The One-Minute Organizer) has several suggestions for clearing clutter from closets.

First, take everything out.

Start at one end of your closet. Working across, remove any items you have not worn or used in the last year. This includes clothing does not fit, and clothing that does not look good on you.

Next, sort items into four piles:

  1. trash
  2. keep
  3. give awa (have not used/worn in long time)
  4. not sure if I want to give it away

Pile 4 . . .
Go through pile #4 again. What can you part with? Are you emotionally attached to the item? Can someone else use it more than you? If so, put it into pile #3. If it’s difficult to let go of something, set a rule on how long to keep it, say six months. At the end of six months, if you still have not worn it, give it away.

Finished Uncluttering, Now What?
Pile #1 goes to the trash.
Pile #2 should only contains things you use and love. Now, restock them in your closet.
Pile #3, the Ramadhan Give-away pile, will go in a storage bin or box.
Pile #4 gets stored away for six months.

Repeat this process for other closets, drawers, under beds, etc.

General Decluttering Advice

  • make your intentions to please Allah
  • spend 15 minutes a day decluttering
  • set a timer or use this Online-Stopwatch (click on Count Down)
  • toss trash items into a plastic grocery store bag or trash bag
  • store items you plan to give away; make sure its not junk

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