Websites featuring Printable Ramadhan Coloring Pages

Here are more Ramadhan-themed coloring pages. Don’t print any page that show human faces/images.


Printable Dunya/Akhirah Du’aa Fill-in List

Mustafa George advises that, “For the last 10 nights of Ramadhaan, its a good idea to make a list of things that you want in the dunya and in the Next life. And then ask Allah for those things. Indeed, He gives without any measures” [Source].

Printable Dunya/Akhira List


Techtorial: Use Your Computer to Make a Coloring Page

These are really easy instructions for making your own coloring page using MS Word.

If you don’t have MS Word, then download LibreOffice. I use it all the time because: it’s free and it works just like Word (only better). Read more about LibreOffice @ Wikipedia. After you create your coloring page in LibreOffice, save it as any kind of document, including MS Word. You can even to save documents as a pdf so that you can share it with all your friends.

Now, about that coloring page techtorial . . .