[Printable] Easy Daily Journaling Technique for Ramadhan

For some kids (and adults as well) writing in a journal every day is just too much work or time.

There is another option for daily journaling. It’s a combination of the daily summary and topic journals. I call it Focused-Line-a-Day journaling!

--click to enlarge image--

I created a printable journal page for you to use (see image to the left). The entire month’s journal fits onto one page! This is a great activity to include in a lapbook or notebooking page. You can download it below.

Focused-Line-a-Day is truly simple. Each day write one sentence only about a specific topic.

Journal Topic Suggestions
Here are some topic ideas to write one daily sentence about during Ramadhan . . .

  • Your health
  • What you read
  • The weather
  • How you feel
  • Your progress/benefits/thoughts on a Ramadhan goal
  • What you liked about Ramadhan today
  • Your cherished memory of the day
  • The effect of fasting on _______ (you choose the fill-in-the-blank part)

If you have your own Ramadhan topic, write about that one instead. And please share your topic with other readers; I’m sure it’s something great.

Journal Printing Instructions
Print the Line-a-Day Ramadhan Memory Page(pdf) on paper that is special to you.

From the list above, choose only one topic to journal about for the entire month.
On the back of your paper, write the topic that you selected.

On the dated-ruled side, write only one sentence (or one line) about the same topic each day.

Keep your journal page in an easy to find but safe place.

You can also use double-stick tape, a glue stick, or staples to attach your journal to the inside of a manilla file folder. Be sure to label the file folder! I think one of those pretty file folders from an office supply store (or Dollar Tree) would be so special.

I hope you enjoy keeping this type of journal. Leave a comment and let me know what you think about this journaling style.

Sharing is Caring! Do you have something you want to share with other readers?

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