[Setting Goals] Surah Luqman Memorization Challenge

A couple of years back, a sister posed a challenge to all of us. She gave me permission to include this challenge here.

The challenge is to memorize Surah Luqman during the month of Ramadhaan. This is a great challenge for older children. You can modify the challenge for younger kids by having them memorize a different surah. If you do, still take a look at the 30-day schedule below to get some scheduling ideas.

You will need a memorization buddy. It can be someone local, or long distance. Having a partner helps tremendously as the two of you can encourage each other and also listen to each other recite. You and your friend will also test (listen to) each other every 7th day. If your challenge-friend is far away, schedule telephone or voice chat sessions. At the end of the month, give your partner a gift.

And to help you be more successful, the sis put together a wonderful package of printouts. Printing on pastel-colored paper (like yellow or green) gives the eye a little bit of color stimulation; some people find this more helpful than the usual white printer paper.

You will also need an audio source of Surah Luqman. You can find plenty of reciters online if you need help with the Arabic. Choose a slower-pace recitation; one that is geared towards memorization.

Transliteration of Surah Luqman (pdf)

Complete 30-Day Memorization Schedule (pdf)