30 Parts of Quran Book Marker

We’re big fans of book markers; hope you are too.

This book marker is the list of the 30 parts of the Quran!

There are three book markers per page. Each one has an empty check box next to each part so you can keep track of where you stopped. You can even make notes on it if you like.


  1. Download the Juz Book Marker.
  2. Then print on card stock (or regular printer paper).
  3. Cut them apart (lengthwise) and fold in half.
  4. At this point, you can apply glue or punch a hole in the bottom with a hole puncher and insert ribbon or cording.
  5. Laminate if you plan to keep reusing this book marker.

What have you created to help make you more organized in Ramadhan? Drop a comment (or email).