[Lesson Plan] Cultivating Good Manners

Here is a lesson plan about good and bad manners. It’s based on a section of an article titled: Important Lessons Learnt from Ramadhan.

The lesson objectives are listed below. It includes two (2) art projects.

Get the lesson plan and attachments here:


A Lesson on Building Good Character: Good and Bad Manners


Students will be able to:
-List two or three bad manners
-Compare and/or contrast one or two manners
-Identify when they saw bad (or good) manners in real life
-Understand why good character (manners) are important
-Explain using their own words
-Give an example of bad (or good) manners
-Identify when they have bad manners towards others
-Produce relevant artwork based on the lesson

If you find any mistakes or glitches in the plan please let me know.