[‘Eid Craft] Stained Glass Craft

I’m thinking about doing this. I’ll have to make a few changes to the sister’s original instructions.

For instance, I plan to use sheet protectors instead of overhead transparency film.

And I’ll have to replace the cellophane paper with colorful tissue paper.

I’ll post pics once I’m done insha’Allah.

In the meantime, have fun with this great craft idea!

Eid Stained Glass Craft « Muslim Learning Garden

[‘Eid Craft] Printable Old Fashioned Banner

I really love the look of this wedding banner by Martha Stewart. It is so cute.

This would look great with the word “Eid” spelled out.

Each character has a different border, “a whimsical take on the old-fashioned look of vintage typewriter keys.”

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[‘Eid Craft] Oldies but Goodies: ‘Eid Projects Around the Net from Last Year

Last year I found several bloggers who posted their ‘Eid-related projects. Here are some of my favorites insha’Allah:

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