Crafty Ramadhan’s Weekly Picks: {July 8-14, 2012}

It’s time for the Crafty Ramadhan Weekly Update! It’s late this week. Our apologies.

We have our usual reminders, moon phase mini book activity, reading and writing journals, and more.



[♦] Count Down -— There are about 7-ish days until Ramadhan 1433 A.H. (Jul 2012) insha’Allah.

[♦]  Make Up Fasts -— Keep making up your missed days! Remind family and friends as well.

[♦] Current Ramadhan Classes See the link to Ramadhan Planner below.

SCHOLASTIC RAMADHAN_____________________________________________

[♦] Minibook: Moon Phases —

This activity teaches children to identify moon phases.  

Download the printable. Then help your child follow the directions. Ages 7-10

Click Here to Print Activity

Activity Materials
Moon Phases mini-book printable (link above)
yellow and black crayons
water, salt

Optional Book: “The Moon Seems to Change” by Franklyn M. Branley.

Here is the book at Amazon (this is not an affiliate link). Also, I’m sure the book can be found in your local library.

Educational Tip: Young children (7 and under) are not able to understand the concept of the moon changing shapes. So, activities such as demonstrating  the sun reflecting light on the moon may be inappropriate.

However, this moon phases activity and books such as The Moon Seems to Change help establish a foundation for future understanding.

[♦] Tawheed for Children Part 1 — 

Short 10-page article written for the youngest Muslims, ages for 4 to 7.

It explains in clear and simple form the three types of Tawheed.

Included are small quizzes and summaries after each type is explained, mashallah.

Download Tawheed for Children – Part 1 (pdf).

Written by Dr. Saleh As-Saleh, may Allah reward him.

[♦] Islam4Kids: Are You a Good Neighbor —

Here is a poem with lots of ideas on how to be helpful to others living near us.

Click to read . . . Are You A Good Neigbour

There are several ways to turn this poem into an activity.

1. Create a Ramadhan Good Neighbor Goal
Choose a neighbor. Make a list of kind things to do for him or her. Choose 2 items from the list to do during Ramadhan. Write them down on your Ramadhan Goals sheet. Receive reward from mom/dad for the act of kindness. Here is a whole list of goal charts to print.

2. Write a Poem
Using the Ramadhan Don’t List Poem lesson plan as a guide, write a list poem. Make a list of kind things to do for a neighbor. Choose 1 word from the list and spell it out letter-by-letter on paper. Next, think of a kind word that begins with each letter.  For example, the word Smile becomes the following poem:

A Smile for Sister Ameena

Say As salaamu Alaykum
Maker her favorite cookies
Interview her about something she can teach me
Leave a card on her door
Empty her trash

3. Create a Kindness Storyboard
Download this Blank Printable Storyboard. Draw a picture about kindness and write a non-fictional story to go with it. Share it with my family before giving it to my neighbor.

4. Make a Kindness Jar
Find an empty plastic jar. Make sure it’s clean. Decorate the outside. Attach a label. Make a list of kind things to do for a neighbor. Write each one on a piece of paper and place them in the jar. Each day, take out one of the papers and display to a neighbor the kind act you selected.

CRAFTY RAMADHAN_____________________________________________

[♦] Ramadhan One Line Daily Journal Booklet Craft —

This type of journal writing is truly simple. Each day write only one sentence about a specific topic.  The entire month’s journal fits onto one page!

This is a great activity to include in a lapbook or notebooking page.

You will find instructions and printables at this link:
Instructions for Journal Booklet

[♦] Reading Response Journal Project —

Reading response journals are a great way to create interactive family reading-n-share time.

The main purpose of response journals is to foster deeper thinking and to promote writing about what one reads.

This project includes:

1. A booklet to write in
2. Ribbon place holder
3. Character Traits sheet for describing people
4. Reading Journal Prompts
5. Emotions and Feelings list
6. Instructions

You will find everything at this link:
Reading Response Journal {Tutorial}

[♦] Creative Door Knob Hanger — 

Door hangers are a simple craft for kids to do.

They can be decorative. Or they can contain messages such as Wake Me for Suhoor, DND in Salaat, etc.

Create another message on the other side by sticking two hangers together back-to-back.

You will find this craft at this link:
Printable Door Knob Hanger Craft {Tutorial}

RAMADHAN PREPAREDNESS______________________________________

[♦] Ramadhan Goals for Kids: Part 2 — 

The objective is to Practically benefitting from Ramadhaan should be divided into two categories: goals, and preparations . . . .  Each person should make a daily planner for Ramadhaan.  Here is an example   Continue reading →

[♦] Over at Ramadhan Planner

We’ve reached week #5 of our Flylady missions, and getting bedrooms ready for Ramadhan,  recipes, audio about Ramadhan,  and more . . . Ramadhan Planner’s Weekly Updates

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