Crafty Ramadhan’s Weekly Picks: {July 16-21, 2012}

It’s time for the Crafty Ramadhan Weekly Update!

We have our usual reminders, moon phase mini book activity, reading and writing journals, and more.



[♦] Count Down -— There are about 4-ish days until Ramadhan 1433 A.H. (Jul 2012) insha’Allah.

[♦]  Make Up Fasts -— Keep making up your missed days! Remind family and friends as well.

[♦] Current Ramadhan Classes See the link to Ramadhan Planner below.

SCHOLASTIC RAMADHAN_____________________________________________

[♦] Does the Moon Shine?

This activity helps children to understand that the moon reflects light from the sun.

Download the printable (link below). Then help your child follow the directions. Grades: 1-3

Print the PDF version of this printable.

Moon Phases mini-book (see printable)

Optional Activity Supplies
construction paper
yellow crayons
black watercolor paint

Important Tip: Young children (7 and under) are not able to understand the concept of the moon changing shapes.  So, activities such as demonstrating  the sun reflecting light on the moon may be inappropriate.

[♦] Tawheed for Older Children — 

This is a follow-up to part one, but this article is geared towards the older kids, ages 8-12.

Dr. Saleh As-Saleh explains the foundations of Islam, Emaan and Ihsaan,

It explains in clear and simple form the three types of Tawheed.

Download  Tawheed for Children Part 2  (pdf).

Youtube video of the Tawheed for Children audio.

[♦] Islam4Kids: Where is Allah —

Here is a poem to teach children about Allah.

Click to read . . . Where is Allaah?

There are several ways to turn this poem into an activity.

1. Create Cotton Ball Sky Art
Begin with a blue, black, or purple piece of paper, or color paint a sheet of white paper one of these colors.

Using a light colored crayon, at the top write in bold letters “Allah is High Above the Sky.” Make a big arrow pointing to the top of the page.

The remainder of the art work is done below this title.

Next, have the child glue cotton balls onto the paper.

Have the child paint the cotton balls gray to make a stormy sky; pinkish-orange with a sunset for an evening sky; dark purple pink with a sunrise for a morning sky; or leave them white for a normal sky.

2. Write a Poem
Using the Ramadhan Don’t List Poem lesson plan as a guide, write a list poem. Make a list of things about the sky above, or about what they learned from the poem. Choose 1 word from the list and spell it out letter-by-letter on paper. Next, think of a kind word that begins with each letter.  For example, the word Sky becomes the following poem:

Allah, Above the Sky

Sends us rain
Knows what we do and say
Yellow He made the sun

Older children may want more of a writing challenge. So choose the list words accordingly.

3. Create a Storyboard
Download this Blank Printable Storyboard. Draw a picture about the sky, or above the sky (the solar system) and write a non-fictional story to go with it. Share it with the family.

4. Solar System Activities
FunSchool has a Space Activity Center with free online space games for kids, space crafts and recipes, and printables and coloring pages to help them learn about planets and the solar system.

CRAFTY RAMADHAN_____________________________________________

[♦]  Ramadhan Healthy Snack Maze —

This maze activity is designed to teach children about healthy eating during Ramadhan. Make the right choices to get out of the maze.

[♦] Creative Paper Doll Clothing —

Hopefully your young ones will love this boy and girl paper doll.

I took these wonderful paper dolls for a walk on the creative side.

I printed the paper dolls and their clothing on card stock to make them sturdy.

Then, I made the outer garment and head covering from scrapbook paper. Using the card stock clothing as a template, lay the template on the wrong side of some scrap book paper. Then trace around it and cut out.

I even used embellishments.

There are so many ways to be creative with this!

You will find the paper doll template here: Our Muslim Paper Dolls.


RAMADHAN PREPAREDNESS______________________________________

[♦] Over at Ramadhan Planner

We’ve reached week #5 of our Flylady missions, and getting bedrooms ready for Ramadhan,  recipes, audio about Ramadhan,  and more . . . Ramadhan Planner’s Weekly Updates

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