Crafty Ramadhan’s Weekly Picks: {July 30 – Aug 5, 2012}

It’s time for the Crafty Ramadhan Weekly Update!

We have our usual reminders plus,

  • a how to write shape poem guide with printables,
  • a play activity involving toothpicks,
  • a toddler thru kindergarten paint activity Ramadhan

The last 2 weeks of Ramadhan updates will focus on ‘Eid insha’Allah.



Count Down -— There are about 20-ish days until ‘Eid ul-Fitr 1433 A.H. (19-ish Aug 2012) insha’Allah.

Drink Water  -— Keep making up for lost fluids by drinking plenty of water after breaking your fast! Remind your family members and friends too.   Continue Reading → Getting Enough Water & Signs of Dehydration.

Let Them Play —

Al-Rubay’ bint Mu’awwidh – Allah be pleased with her – said while describing how the Prophet – Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him – told them to fast ‘Âshûrâ:

We used to make toys out of dyed wool for the children and keep them with us so if the children asked us for food we would give them the toys to distract them until they completed their fast.  —  Sahîh Muslim. A similar narration is also in Sahîh Al-Bukhârî.

Al-Nawawî states in his commentary on Sahîh Muslim:
In this narration we are shown that children should be trained to do acts of obedience and made used to doing worship; although they are not legally bound.

Source: — Training children for worship

SCHOLASTIC RAMADHAN_____________________________________________

Shape Poems —

Shape poems are great for beginner and advanced writers. They are a creative way for a student to express what she knows about a topic.

Shape poems can be a way for a bored child to pass the time. Or, they can be a useful research or review tool when teaching specific subjects, say Ramadhan.

Visit the Ramadhan-Themed Shape Poem {Tutorial} page for complete instructions, sample shape poems, and printable Ramadhan-related shapes.

CRAFTY RAMADHAN_____________________________________________

*Focus for Fidgeters: Toothpick Art and Play

Toothpick games are an awesome way to keep kids busy during Ramadhan or any other time. Either use blunt tipped toothpicks, or blunt the tip of round ones.

Visit the page, Toothpick Play for this Ramadhan Mom Survival Tip.

You’ll find instructions and even resources for crafts, math puzzles, and more.

Art & Activity: What do Dates Eat? What do Dates Drink?

This is an early literacy reading and art activity.

Young children ages toddler to elementary age can develop their narrative skills with this date themed activity that is appropriate for Ramadhan.

Visit the page, What do Dates Eat? What do Dates Drink? for the complete instructions.

RAMADHAN PREPAREDNESS______________________________________

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