This Year’s Theme: Craftcycling

As-salaamu alaykum,

May Allah forgive us Muslims and cause us to enter another Ramadhan.

We decided to add a yearly theme to the blog. And this year’s theme is upcycling: turning recycled items into useable objects, especially craft objects.

So, srecycletart gathering your recyclables now: empty cereal boxes, egg cartons, brown paper bags, odd buttons, etc.

Keep them in a storage bin or cabinet out of every one’s way but still within reach.

Insha’Allah we will be sharing plenty of cute little projects based on common household items we usually toss out. And if you have any good ideas on how to use recycleables specific to Ramadhan, let us know. We’ll be happy to feature it!

Til then . . . Ma’Salaama

The Ramadhan Planner Family