[Craft] Paper Fanoos (Lantern)

The Muslim website SmartArk has a template for a paper lantern. You can print it here: Stars and Moon Lantern (pdf). This seems like an easy and fun lantern to make with the kids.

The template comes pre-printed with stars and moons to color in. However, I’m thinking to print it out on colored paper and decorate the blank side!  That would be great for kids who have outgrown the star/moon design.

I learned about this lantern from Muslim Learning Garden.

Eid Lantern / Fanoos

Craft: Ramadhan Banner

Ramadhan Banner

This Ramadhan banner is perfect décor to help children feel the specialness of the Month
of Fasting in a fun and inviting way.

Banner, Calendar, Prayer Schedule, Dua for Breaking Fast

Banner, Calendar, Prayer Schedule, Dua for Breaking FastRamadhan Banner


  • colored card stock or paper
  • scissors or decorative scissors/pinking shears
  • utility knife
  • ribbon, 1/8-inches wide, about 4 yards – match to card stock color
  • pushpins
  • crepe paper streamers to match card stock and ribbon (optional)


1. Download the Ramadhan Banner Template here. Decide if you want the letters only, or a combination of  letters, numbers, and motifs.  There are 2 motif designs in the template (page 4 and 5). It’s better to choose only one motif to keep the banner design consistent.  You can print out multiple copies of the motif  pages that you decide to use.

rplanner 048 2. Print the pages that match your selection onto colored card stock or paper. Cut out along the circular line. Use decorative scissors or pinking shears to give letters a decorative edge.

rplanner 049

3. Use a utility knife to cut two vertical slits near top of circle. Then, arrange letters into words and design. String letters together by threading ribbon  through slits. It helps to put tape on one end of the ribbon to help it slide through the cut.

Hang banner in a corner or between opposite walls with pushpins. Hang in one or two rows. Use crepe paper streamers as additional decorations.

Would love to see your pics of this.

[Craft for Kids] Wake Me For Suhoor Door Hanger

rplanner 047

Ramadhan Door Hanger

This is a simple craft to do with your kids.


  • Foam Sheets or Card Stock (or construction paper and a cardboard box)
  • Scissors
  • Utility Knife
  • Foam decorations: Paint, markers, glitter glue, ribbon, etc

Directions Using Foam Sheets

The door hanger template itself is simply a 9×3 fun foam rectangle with the corners rounded off. You can cut four of them from a single 9×12 sheet of craft foam.

  1. Download and print the door knob template.
  2. Next, cut out the paper template. You will use this paper template on the next step.
  3. Lay the paper template onto the foam sheet and trace around it. Be sure to trace the door knob hole also.
  4. Then carefully cut out the hole in the center with a utility knife. An alternative is to make a cut from the center top edge down to the door knob marking. Continue cutting out the door knob hole.
  5. The last step is to decorate the door hanger.

Craft Foam Decorating Options

  1. Use markers to write “Wake Me For Suhoor.”
  2. Then decorate with foam cut out shapes, paint, glitter glue, etc. ~ be creative!

Using Card Stock:

  1. Print the template on paper or card stock. Use colored paper or card stock, or print on white paper and color.
  2. Cut out largest shape with scissors. Cut out  the door knob hole with a utility knife or use the method explained above.

Card Stock Decorating Options

  1. You can also use the computer to create words and pictures if printing these on paper.
  2. Use pictures (no people, animals, or insects) and make a collage.
  3. Use stamps or paint.

A Ramadhan Craft for Kids

Create a Ramadhan Floor “Tablecloth” with Acrylic Paint

Make eating on the floor a little more fun with a painted fabric tablecloth. The artistic secret to this project is that it uses watered-down acrylic craft paint — it works just as well as expensive fabric paint. The water keeps the paint from stiffening up the fabric.

Once its painted, dried, and spread out on the floor during mealtime, your kids will have fun eating on their “painted” table. This is super-easy and fun craft for the whole family. And the final product can be used over and over again.

Let’s get started!



  • One piece of plain white, cream or light-colored cotton fabric in whatever size and shape you want (square, rectangular, etc)
  • Sewing machine, or needle and thread, or hem tape iron-on tape
  • Acrylic craft paint
  • Water
  • Paintbrushes (optional)
  • Stamps, purchased or hand-made (optional)
  • Sponge (optional)
  • Masking Tape (optional)


  1. Pre-Wash the fabric in cold water with laundry soap. Dry and iron the fabric.
  2. Hem the edges of the fabric all the way around. Or, use fabric glue or iron-on hem-tape.
  3. Lay the fabric flat on a protected surface (use newspaper, an old sheet, or plastic tablecloth).
  4. Decide on a theme: decide on a theme: handprints (to capture growing children; update yearly with new handprints), words (except anything with Allah’s name), dates, etc.
  5. Put acrylic craft paint in a container. Add several drops of water at at time to get the thin-ness you like; the thinner the paint, the more it will look like water colors. Mix in water well.
  6. Use brushes, sponges, hands, stamps, etc. to decorate the cloth.

Get creative. Tear the masking tape down the middle and apply to the fabric to create interesting shapes to paint over. And sponges create a wispy effect when it is dipped in the paint mixture and then blotted on paper to remove most of the paint, and gently wisped across the fabric.

Watering down acrylic paint causes it to dry quickly. Keep that in mind if you are doing handprints. Using less water may be the best option. And rather than dipping stamps into the paint mixture, it is easier to use a paintbrush to apply the paint to stampers. If your paint mixture is too thin, add more paint.

If this project needs to be a bit more spill-proof, then spread on top of a vinyl tablecloth when  you are ready for the kids to use it.

Printable Instructions for: painted Ramadhan tablecloth (pdf)

Feel free to send in photos if you do this project.

30-day kufi crochet challenge

A sister sent me a pattern for a crochet kufi that another sister posted to her blog.

So how about a little Ramadhan challenge for all you knitters and crocheters out there.

The challenge is to knit or crochet a kufi during this month and donate it to a needy brother young or old. Or donate it as part of a masjid fund-raiser.

What do you guys think? Any takers?

If so, comment back to say you’re taking the challenge. Post pics of your work in progress or after you’ve completed it.

Use the comment feature or send an email to ramadhanplanner [at] gmail dot com.

Here is the kufi pattern:

And here is a crochet stitch guide:

I’ve been a beginning crocheter since the first grade (eh-hem, graduated high school a loooong time ago), but I’ll try my best to crochet this kufi. If I put up some pics, don’t laugh, okay?

Sewing Projects For The Car

Cars are usually the domain of men. Here is a way for the whole family to get involved in caring for the family vehicle.

These two items aren’t patterns, but if you’re a sewer you might be inspired to whip together your own creation:

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