How To Make a Fabric Wall Bulletin Board

Sisters, we know you want a beautiful and spacious bulletin boards for Ramadhaan. We also know you don’t want to spend a lot of money. We have a solution that we think you will love!

Have you ever heard of a fabric wall? Well you have now!

A fabric wall is just what it sounds like: a wall covered in fabric! But how?

It’s easier and cheaper than you think! And the idea works great for those who are renting. There’s no permanent damage to the wall; it removes easily.

How to Attach Fabric to a Wall Using Liquid Starch


  1. lightweight fabric in a pattern and color scheme you love; a sheet will work.
  2. undiluted fabric starch such as Sta Flo
  3. sponge or paint roller
  4. large container


  1. Wash the fabric. Dry and iron it out.
  2. In the meantime, measure the area you want to install the fabric. Add about 2 inches to this measurement.
  3. Tape off this section of the wall so you will know where to place your fabric. Wash down this section of the wall so the fabric will have a clean surface to stick to.
  4. Cut your fabric to the dimensions of your measurement in step 2.
  5. Pour starch into a clean container. Cover the section of the wall you will be covering with undiluted liquid starch. Use a sponge or paint roller.
  6. Place the fabric onto the area where you applied the starch. Move it around to get the placement right.
  7. Starting at the top and working your way down, apply starch to the fabric.  Smooth out any air bubbles with a paintbrush or your fingers.
  8. Allow fabric to dry before using.

How To Remove Fabric Wall
Peel up a corner of the fabric. Use it to gently peel the remaining fabric from the wall. If it does not come off easily, use a wet sponge or rag to dampen the fabric a bit. Continue to wet and peel.

Finishing Touches
Create a border all the way around and you’re bulletin board is set! For some creative border ideas, try this link — Creative Bulletin Board Borders and Trim.

To hang items on the board, use single-sided or double-sided tape.

Liquid Starch Alternative
Use thumbtacks to hang the fabric on the wall!

Upside: it’s quick and easy
Downside: thumbtacks leave makes holes in the walls

Have fun! And drop us a photo of your Ramadhan Wall!


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