How to Plan a Bulletin Board

What to Consider

Start by asking yourself a few important questions such as —

  • What is it you want to accomplish with the board?
  • Is it for inspiration?
  • Organization?
  • Who will see it?
  • What kinds of information do you plan to put on it?
  • How much space do you have for a bulletin board?

Once you decide why you have a board, consider the size of the board. You may even want to use an entire wall, section of a wall, or even the back of a door instead of a bulletin board.

Knowing how much room you have will help you plan the space better.

Where to Get Ideas

Get ideas from the Web, books, or people you know.  Websites for teachers or homeschooling parents are wonderful places to get ideas.

The following pages on this blog will also help you generate some ideas:

How to Put it All Together

Decide the general categories and types of information you want to feature on the bulletin board.

Use a blank sheet of paper, a grid, or notebook paper to represent the bulletin board space. Sketch out your design on paper first.

Then, lay out your design out on the floor before committing it up on a wall. This way, you will get a good idea of how things will look up on the wall or board.

Create an eye-catching display.

Cover the surface of your bulletin board in construction paper, fabric, or even a plastic table cloth. Add decorative borders/trim or use clip art images printed on colorful paper.

Label sections of the board according to how it will be used. Design titles using lettering cut by hand or the pre-cut kind.


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