Envelope Book Mark


This quick little craft is an excellent way to turn a discarded envelope into something useful!


  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Envelope(s)
  • Coloring or Painting supplies: Crayons, Coloring Pencils, Markers or Paint


marked enveloopeMeasure and mark a rectangle that is 4-in long by 2-in high from the bottom right of the envelope.

Cut out the bookmark where you drew the lines.

Next, decide how you want your book mark to fit on the book’s page: across the top or down the side.

decorated envelopeFor a book mark that sits across the top of a page, turn the book mark portrait style with the longest folded edge at the top and the shortest folded edge on the right.

The left and bottom sides will be open.decorated envelope down the side

For a book mark that fits down the side of a book’s page, turn the book mark landscape so that the longest folded edge is on the right and the shortest folded edge is at the top.

Again, the left and bottom sides will be open.

Next, decorate both sides of your bookmark. Write a motivating message and/or draw a picture on it. Write in pencil first and then trace over it with markers, crayon, or paint.

Because a white envelope will blend in with the color of a book’s pages, use colorful envelopes or color/paint the envelope. If you don’t want to color the entire book mark, then frame the edges only with color/paint.

Finally, help the book mark peek out from the book just a bit. Put a small line of white glue inside the folded edges of the book mark. You can do the same thing using staples instead of glue.


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