Spool Knitter {Up-cycled Foil Cardboard Tube}

Wooden Spool Knitter

Tape & Stabalize

Homemade Spool Knitter

Spool knitting is a form of knitting that uses a wooden spool with four nails placed in the top. The knitter produces a narrow tube of fabric.  It’s an easy way to teach children how to knit. It’s also a way to keep them busy.

The photo to the right is a spool knitter made from an wooden thread spool.

The photo on the left is a knitter from a cardboard tube and popsicle sticks.

{Printable Instructions Spool Knitter pdf}


You Will Need

  • 1 cardboard tube from a roll of foil or plastic wrap
  • 4 popsicle sticks for each knitter (up to 16 sticks)
  • hot glue gun (or white school glue–takes longer to set)
  • wide packing tape (or 3 or 4 fat rubber bands)
  • utility knife
  • ruler
  • pencil


Measure & Cut
Measure and mark the cardboard tube every 3 inches.
Cut the tube where marked.
You will have 4 tubes. Each tube is 3-inches long.

Create Circle Guidelines
Trace around tube onto a piece of paper.
Set the tube aside.
Then mark half-way lines going horizontally and vertically through the circle.

Create Popsicle Stick Guidelines
Put tube back inside of the circle.
Mark the tube where the half-way lines are.
These are the popsicle lines.

Attach Popsicle SticksPlace a line of glue along one of the popsicle lines.
Lay a popsicle stick on the glue. Let and inch of the stick come up over the top of the tube. The other end of the stick should be even with the bottom of the tube.
Repeat for the 3 other popsicle stick lines.

Wrap wide tape around the spool knitter several times. Only wrap from the top of the cardboard tube to the bottom of the tube. Don’t wrap the part of the sticks above the cardboard.

Spool Knitting Resources

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