Ramadhan Gift Tag Banner {Tutorial}

Here is another Ramadhan banner that is simple yet festive.

This banner is made up of three smaller projects:

  • Baker’s Twine (do-it-yourself)
  • Gift tag templates
  • Banner message

{click on images to see closeup}

DIY Baker’s Twine____________________________________________________

Use the baker’s twine to hang the banner tags from.  It’s very easy to make.


  • Ruler
  • Permanent markers (Sharpie, Bic, etc)
  • White string ($3 at JoAnn) —alternatives: yarn, embroidery floss, ribbon


The tutorial is at this link. However, the instructions are simple.

click to enlarge view

1. Wrap some white string around a ruler closely packed together (see photo). Cover the ruler with masking tape if you want to protect it. It also helps to tape the loose ends of the string to the ruler.

2. Using a permanent marker, color several straight lines onto the string. Flip the ruler over  and color the other side too.

3. Set string aside for later.

If you don’t have white twine, you can use white or light colored yarn. Make sure the marker doesn’t bleed though. Or use ribbon or embroidery floss (do not color it).

Banner Gift Tags_____________________________________________________

click image for closeup


  • Pencil
  • Card stock —alternatives: provided below
  • Gift tag template  (Six Free Gift Tag Templates pdf)
  • Scrapbook paper  –alternatives: construction paper, colored paper or card stock, decorative printer paper


Making the scrap book paper gift tags are easy. First you will need to make the card stock templates.

1. Print out the gift tag template onto card stock.  If you do not have card stock, see our article If You Don’t Have Card Stock.

2. Then cut out the card stock templates.

3. There are 6 different gift tag shapes. Choose the shapes you want for your banner. Set the others aside.

click image for closeup

Now, make the scrap book tags.

4. Choose a card stock template. Lay it on the wrong side of a piece of scrap book paper.

5. Trace around the template.

6. Cut out the drawing from the scrap book paper. You now have a scrap book paper gift tag.

7. Repeat steps 3 – 6 until you have enough gift tags to spell out your banner message; one gift tag per letter.

Banner Message ______________________________________


  • Clear tape
  • Letter stickers 3/4-in or taller ($1 at JoAnn)
  • Scrapbook paper gift tags (above)


1. Turn scrap book paper gift tags so the side with the design is facing you. Lay them on a flat work surface.

click image for closeup view

2. Choose the sticker letters. Adhere them to the center of the gift tags.

3. To apply the string, turn the tags over (letters facing down).

4. Measure your string length.

5. Tape the string to the back of the gift tag (see photo). Space the tags along the string according to how you like it. Leave a little bit of string on both ends of the banner.

6. Tape the finished banner to a wall!

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