The “All About” Cube Lesson Plan

All About Cube

A flexible activity designed to let a child express what he/she knows or learned about some thing or some one.


  • Glue
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • String, ribbon, or yarn
  • Printable Cube outline
  • Pictures from magazines, newspapers, books, or hand drawn
  • Help from a parental for young children
  • Heavy construction paper or card stock

Lesson Plan:

First, decide the topic for example Ramadhan.

Then, copy the cube outline onto construction paper. It is easier to make a card stock template to trace around. See this article: If You Don’t Have Card Stock.

Have the child find or create pictures of 5 things  to place on her cube that are related to the topic. The images should be examples of whatever the topic is about. For example, if the topic is shoes, then the images should be about anything related to shoes such as shoe strings, shoes, shoe maker logos, etc.

Have the child cut out the pictures, then glue the pictures on the cube.

Use markers or crayons to write a few words about the topic or picture if desired.

Use one side of the cube as the “title page”.

After all the pictures are glued on and dry, tape the cube together! Attach a piece of string, yarn, or ribbon and hang from a wall.

It may take more than one day for your child to finish this project.

Adapted from “All About Me” Activities at A to Z Teacher Stuff.

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