Foldable Standing Cube Activity: Who Is Allah, He Made My . . .

During Ramadhan and at all times, we make salaah only to Allah, make du’aa only to Allah, and ask for His help only.

Here is a poem and an activity to teach children about Allah.

The beginning of the poem says Allah made everything, even us

“Allaah is the One Who made us
You and also me!”

The activity is a creative way to show the different parts of us that Allah made. The finished project can be used as an teaching game for toddlers and preschoolers.

The image above is called a “standing cube” foldable. Foldables are non-conventional ways to gather information about a topic. And they are easy to put it together.

The standing cube foldable has four (4) sides on which to place information.

For this activity, the “Who Made Me” page forms one side of the cube. And three “He Made My” pages form the other sides of the cube.

Let’s get started!


Poem Who is Allah (pdf) — print 1
Standing cube page Who Made Me  (pdf) — print 1 per child
Standing cube page He Made My  (pdf) — print 3 per child

Gather Supplies:

Lip colorant: lip balm, lipstick, fruit or food item such as ketchup, mustard, cherries, etc
Play clothing or apron
Print outs
Water based paints such as finger paints or tempera paints
Bowl to put the paint in
Brush or sponge to apply paint
Towels for cleaning up
Masking or scotch tape (you can also cut 4 strips of paper that are 1/2″ wide by 11.5″ long; attach with glue)


Print the poem, “Who is Allah”.
Print 3 copies of the “He Made My” page per child.
Print 1 copy of the “Who Made Me” page per child.

Read the poem out loud. Ask the child who made everything. Ask who made them.

Tell the child she will make an art project about who made her.

1. Make the title page.

Have the child write or help the child write the date and her name on the “Who Made Me” page.

2. Make the second page.

Apply the paint to the child’s hand. You can choose other body parts such as the nose, elbow, forehead, ear, etc.
Then press the painted hand to one of the “He Made My” pages. Make either one or two hand prints.
Clean child’s hands; you know what might happen if you don’t!
On the line write the word “hand” or “hands”.

3. Make the third page.

Apply the paint to the child’s foot or toes.
Then press their foot or toes to a second “He Made My” page.
Clean the child’s foot.
On the line write “foot”, “toes”, or “feet”.

4. Make the final page.

Apply the lip colorant to the child’s lips. Have them “kiss” the “He Made My” page.
If you are concerned about using lipstick, try a food item instead such as a light application of ketchup, mustard, cherries, or concentrated grape juice.
Clean the child’s lips.
Write the word “lips” on the line.

5. Let Dry.

Once the pages are dry, put the foldable together by following the Foldable Instructions below.

6. Construct Foldable.

click image for closeup

I have modified the instructions for constructing the foldable. This way is much easier. You will need tape for this part. You can use paper in place of the tape. Cut 4 strips of paper that are 1/2″ wide by 11.5″ long. Attach with glue exactly as you would the tape.

Lay the “Who Made Me” and any one of the “He Made My” sheets of paper side by side with right sides up and the edges touching. See the pictures on the left.

click image for closeup

Cut a 11.5″  piece of masking tape (or clear tape). Center the tape where the two edges of the papers meet letting the tape extend 1/4″ at the ends. Press tape into place.  Turn pages over and press the ends of the tape to the wrong side of the pages.

Fold the pages, wrong sides together, at the joined edges and run your fingers along the fold to make a sharp crease in the tape. This will help the foldable stand up.

Continue joining the remaining pages in the same way. When you get to the last connection, place tape along one edge of a page so that half of the tape’s width if hangs over the page. Then slide the edge of the last page under the tape.  Press in place and crease.

How to Play the Who Made Me Game

Turn the cube to the hand print. Point to the hand print. Ask the child, “What is this?” The child should answer appropriately.

Do the same with the other body parts.

Then turn to the title page and ask, “Who made you?”

The child’s answer should be “Allah made me”.

Say: “Yes, Allah made you! And I’m so glad He did!” while pointing up towards the sky indicating where Allah is.

Activity Variations

This activity is very flexible.

Instead of taping the pages together, staple them together along the left edge to form a book. This is one very easy way to make books with your children.

Another option is to find or make pictures of other Ramadhan-themed items such as dates, a crescent moon, a glass of water, sunrise/sunset.

Use these pages for the foldable:

Use your imagination moms and come up with something even more creative! If you do, we would love for you to tell us about it!

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