How to Create a Maze Challenge

Use blank mazes from sites like Dover Publications to make other activities such as a maze challenges.

How to Develop Your Own Maze Activity

Come up with an objective for the activity.

Print the maze shape and complexity that best suits the objective and intended audience.

Choose the method you will use to create the maze challenge.

Sample Maze Activity

  • Objective: Cherry Hunt; to help children identify cherries
  • Audience: 7-year olds
  • Method: Print a maze. Place stickers of cherries along the maze’s correct path leading from start to finish. Put stickers of other kinds of fruits along incorrect pathways. To make the maze a true challenge, place a few stickers of cherries along the incorrect path too! If stickers are not available, cut and glue cherries and other fruit from a grocery store ad or magazine.
  • Example: Here is an example of this kind of maze: Healthy Snacks Maze. The maze was created using graphics software. Then images were added to it.

Blank Printable Mazes

Visit this page for some blank printable mazes!

And an online search should also help you find more blank mazes!

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