Ramadhan One Line Daily Journal Booklet

This type of journal writing is truly simple. Each day write only one sentence about a specific topic.  The entire month’s journal fits onto one page!

This is a great activity to include in a lapbook or notebooking page.  

Instructions for Journal Booklet

1. Print the One Line Daily Jounral Page (pdf). 

2. Print the Journal Cover (pdf) on colored paper.

3. Turn the journal page printed side down. Apply double-stick tape, or glue stick  along the top edge.

4. Arrange the cover page printed side up and stick it to the journal page,  aligning the sides, top and bottom of both pages. Press together firmly.

5. Simultaneously fold both sheets of paper in half hamburger style.

6. Optional–Using a hole punch, place two holes evenly spaced along the top. Thread ribbon or baker’s twine (DIY Tutorial) through the holes. Tie into a bow or knot.

Journal Topic Suggestions

  • Your health
  • What you read
  • The weather
  • How you feel physically, emotionally etc
  • Your progress/benefits/thoughts on a Ramadhan goal
  • What you liked about Ramadhan today
  • Your cherished memory of the day
  • The effect of fasting on _______ (you choose the fill-in-the-blank part)
  • Create your own topic

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