Reading Response Journal {Tutorial}

This reading response journal is a great way to create interactive family study-n-share time. It can be used for reading almost anything, including hadith.

The main purpose of response journals is to foster deeper thinking and to promote writing about what one reads.

Response prompts help the reader to focus on specific topics in their writing. For example, write a benefit you gained, what was your favorite part, who are the characters, etc.

This project includes:

1. A booklet to write in
2. Ribbon place holder
3. Character Traits sheet when describing people
4. Reading Journal Prompts & instructions on how to use it
5. Emotions and Feelings list to identify and discuss particular emotions

How To Use Reading Response Journals

First, decide as a family how often you will read and get together to share your journals.

Next, choose a time to meet and who the leader will be. The leader is responsible for starting the meeting sessions, keeping them on track, and giving out the reading assignments.

Then, decide how formal or informal you want your reading group to be. An informal arrangement means meeting, taking turns sharing journal entries, assigning the next reading.

For a more formal structure, use the Family Reading Time Guide (below).

Project Printables

Blank Lined Paper (pdf); Print 9 pages front and back per person
Pocket Template (pdf)
Reading Journal Prompts (pdf)
Character Traits sheet (pdf)
Emotions and Feelings (pdf)
Family Reading Time Guide (pdf)

Project Supplies

printer paper
clear scotch tape
scrap book paper, or card stock, or colored paper

Step #1 Make the Cover

If using 8.5 x 11 sheet of card stock, colored or construction paper, then fold in half hamburger style (8.5 x 5.5).

If using a 12×12 sheet of scrap book paper, then cut 3.5 inches from the top. Fold in half hamburger style (8.5 x 6).

Step #2 Make the Pocket & Reading Guides

1. Print pocket template.

2. Cut it out. Fold and apply glue where indicated.

3. Adhere to the inside back of the cover page (see photo below).

4. Print the Reading Response Promps. There are 2 response sheets per page. Cut them apart. Place one of the sheets in the pocket in the back of the booklet

5. Print the Character Traits sheet. Fold into thirds then place in the pocket.

Next, add the bookmark.

Step #3  Make Ribbon Bookmark

Cut a 11-inch piece of ribbon.

If the ribbon is one-sided, turn the decorative side down.

Tape about 1/2-in tip of the ribbon to the inside back cover about 1/2-inch from the top.

Step #4 Put Booklet Together

1. Print the blank lined paper. For Ramadhan, print 9 pages (front and back). This will give you 36 half-pages to write on . . . one per day with a few left over.

2. Stack the sheets on top of each other.

3. Carefully fold the set of lined sheets in half hamburger style.

4. Open the cover page.

5. Open up the set of lined sheets.

6. Place the lined sheets inside the cover page lining all of them up neatly.

7. Use big paper clips or clamps to secure the lined pages to the cover page.

8. Staple the booklet (cover page and set of lined sheets) together along the spine of the booklet in 3 or 4 places.

If you do not have a long-arm stapler, then do this:

Make sure the booklet is open. Place the booklet face down on the carpet so that the lined sheets are facing the carpet.

Staple the booklet (cover page and set of lined sheets) together along the spine of the booklet in 3 or 4 places. To do this, make sure the staple will come out of the stapler on the fold.

The staples will be sticking up on the underside of the booklet.

Turn the booklet over. Use your fingers to pinch the staples close.

9. Close the book and re-crease with a boning tool. Popsicle sticks or clothespins work just as well.

10. Create a logo for the front cover on another piece of scrap book paper, card stock or construction paper. Glue it to the front cover.

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