Autobiography Storyboard Book

Create an Autobiography Storyboard Book
An autobiography can be used to remind a child that Allah makes us.



Decide ahead of time which autobiographical information to include.

Then print the appropriate number of storyboard pages.

Title the first page, “Allah Made Me” or “Guess Who Made Me?”

Direct child to draw and color, or cut out pictures from magazines and glue them on the story board pages. Under each picture box, there are six lines for the child to write about his picture. Remember, no images of things with souls.

When finished, staple the storyboard together. To make the booklet, fold pages in half and staple down the middle.

List of Autobiographical Pages:

Title Page
My name is (draw & color her name)
This is my family (draw & color something non-living that represents each family member)
I live (draw & color house/apartment)
I like to play (draw & color a game or play equipment)
I like to eat (draw & color food item)
My favorite toy is (draw & color toy)
My favorite color is (draw & color anything using favorite color)

2 thoughts on “Autobiography Storyboard Book

  1. Jazak’Allah sister! I feel so happy knowing that we have such a creative sister, Masha’Allah, who has made it so easy to teach deen! :)

    • as salaamu alaykum . . . may Allah accept the fasts and good deeds of you and your family. Thank you for the generous comment. I too am happy that others find the site useful. And of course, it makes me some more happy to share it all.

      Barakallahu feeki
      ~Umm H

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