Water: Healthy Hydration Lessons & Activity Pack

aqua bodiesWe found some activities on the web that teach the importance of water for the human body. The lessons are geared toward children ages 8 – 12 but can be modified for those who are younger.

Download the activity pack {HERE pdf} from Project Wet.

There are several lessons. However, we thought that activities #2 and #3 are the best fit for talking about staying hydrated during Ramadhan.


#2 Aqua Bodies

Summary: Students demonstrate how much of their bodies are composed of water, where water is found within their bodies, and the functions of water in their bodies.

#3 Go With the Flow

Summary: Water is critical for keeping our bodies properly hydrated. Everyday we take in water by drinking and eating. We lose water daily through different ways such as perspiration and sweating, respiration (breathing), urination and defecation. The amount of water coming into our bodies should equal the amount going out. Maintaining a water balance within our bodies helps to maintain physical and mental performance in adults. A body out-of-balance can lead to dehydration with mild to severe side-effects.

Remember to modify lessons to keep them in alignment with our Islamic beliefs.

Have fun!

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