Eid Spring Card Craft

Spring cards are so much fun to make. The finished card looks complicated but it’s not.

Here are photos of two that we recently did.

The blue card is more masculine so it would definitely be for the man of the house. I used a picture from Saudi Araamco World and cut it into an Arabic geometric shape. The photo is of the empty quarter by the way.  I printed a nice Eid Mubarak script I found on the web. Then traced the words onto the geometric shape. Then I went over the tracing with a black sharpie marker.

The purple (below) is made from decorative printer paper. I traced the same Eid Mubarak message in purple marker. Then highlighted it in a pink marker. I also decorated the edges of the card with a purple marker.

If you use plain paper (not card stock or heavy scrap book paper), then glueing anything other than light weight paper will make the card droopy.

I applied a piece of scotch tape to the fold located inside the card at the bottom to make it stand up properly although I used plain paper for the entire card.

You will want to cut out the card and prepare decorations ahead of time when working with young children; they will not have the patience to finish the card otherwise.


Eid Spring Card


  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Paper: (cut the length of the paper twice as long as the width)
    • Scrapbook paper
    • Card stock
    • Heavy construction paper
  • Embellishments [stampers, markers, glitter, magazine photos, what ever you have on hand]


The basic recipe for this card is that the length has to be twice the width.

So for example, I used an 8.5-in x 11-in piece of paper to make the purple card. The new dimension needs to be 5.5-in x 11-in. Use whatever size paper you want, but just make sure the length is twice the width. Tiny cards are just as cute.

The best instructions for this card is this one:

A Step-by-Step Photo Instruction

and here is a matching video made by the same person:

Decoration Ideas

Although I think the video above is the best for explaining how to make this card, this video gives some good decoration ideas:

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