Paper Candy Bags

We did these candy bags last year and they were a hit! Kids love ripping them open to find the treats inside. We even put little toys in some of them.

They are easy to make. Use your favorite decorative printer paper. Or you can also decorate the paper yourself. I originally saw this idea on this blog.


  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick or double-sided tape
  • Candy (wrapped or unwrapped but wrapped candy may need a bigger bag)


Click on any image in this tutorial to see a close up.

Step 1

Cut your paper so that it measures 5 1/2-inches by 3 inches.
Turn the paper over, decorative side face down.

Make a 1/4-inch fold along one of the short sides creating a tab.

Apply glue or tape along the tab, from the tab to the center of the paper.

Bend the paper and press the tab and the opposite edge together. Continue when the glue is firmly affixed.

Step 2

Put in your candy or treats.

Unwrapped candies (like M&Ms) work best is this size bag.

Make 5.5×8.5 for wrapped candies.





Step 3

Here is the tricky part. Apply glue to the opened edge. Press the opened edge of the paper together perpendicular to the first  edge. The paper will look twisty.

Seeing the photos help a lot.

You’re done! Have fun!

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