Party Food Flags

Sometimes, it’s nice to offer a little variety in a party. That’s what these food flags are for. Stick them in cupcakes, cake slices, fruit cups, and other sweet treats.



Click on any image to get a close up view.

Print out the sheet of flags.

If using the black and white ones, color them using markers, or coloring pencils, etc.

  Cut out the flags. However, do not cut out the tip of the inverted triangle (the one with the hearts).

Fold the flags in half as shown in the picture.

The flags in the photo were printed on decorative printer paper and then the clipart was colored in with markers.

  Take the toothpick and roll it around on the top of the glue stick.

Pick up a glob of it and make sure the glue runs the length of the flag you are sticking it to (will take some trial and error).


  Open up the flag.Lay the tooth pick along where the fold mark is.Put glue near the end of the flag, in the general area of where those x’s are.
  Close the flag around the toothpick sliding it around to get the edges lined up.

On this particular flag, it’s easier to cut out the triangle tip after it has been glued together.

There you have it! Simple, huh?

  Repeat the process for the remaining flags.To do the circle flag, put the glue on the toothpick. Turn the flag so the the clipart facing you. Glue the toothpick on the back and line it up so the image is straight. Attach another circle to the back of the first one in the same manner.

Enjoy the party!


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