Tissue Paper Tassel Banner

Tassels are so much fun. Why not turn them into a festive decorative banner using brightly colored tissue paper!



Click on any image for a closeup view.

  Cut 2 pieces of bakers twine 8-inches long (twine tutorial link given in the supply list).Fold tissue paper down 4-inches.(It is easier to see this on the green tissue paper, but in other photos I am using yellow tissue paper).
  When working with young children, draw a line 1/2-in down from the top from one end to the other.Cut the paper lengthwise using the open edge of the fold as a guide. (see photo). You will have a rectangular piece of paper.
  Cut fringes into the tissue paper starting at the unfoldededge—stop cutting when you reach the pencil line.You can make your fringes wide or narrow.It is easier if you are right handed to cut the fringe if you start on the right and move left. Do this the opposite way if you are left handed.
  Unfold the tissue paper. Make sure that one edge of the fringe is pointing towards you.
  Fold the tissue paper in half so that the right end of tissue paper so that it meets the left end.
This makes it easier to handle.Repeat the folding process one more time. Yours should look like the picture.
  Roll tissue paper up starting at one end. Secure the loose end with a piece of clear tape if you like.
  Fold it in half.
  Place one of the pieces of string in the fold. This will be used to tie the tassel onto to whatever you will be tying it on, for example, a long string of tassels tied to a length of twine.
  Tie the other piece of twine around the tassel where the pencil line is. Keep the first piece of string out of the way (requires help for young children).Wrap the twine around the tassel several times leaving about 2-inches of both ends free.Then tie the wrapped string into a knot to keep it secure around the tassel.

Hang and enjoy!

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