Arch-Top Paper Lantern {Tutorial}

Here is a super easy fun lantern to make.

The template prints 2 lanterns per page!

Don’t be afraid of using colorful paper or paper that has designs, or even scrap book paper.

The photos in this tutorial make it easier to understand the directions. Remember to click on any picture to see a larger view.


  • paper
  • printer
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • scotch tape
  • utility knife (optional)
  • colored tissue paper (optional)
  • Lantern Template (pdf)
  • baker’s twine (DIY Tutorial)

Lantern Instructions

STEP 1 —

Print the lantern design.

Carefully read the instructions that printed on the lantern paper before beginning. Understand where to cut and where to fold.

STEP 2 —

Follow the printed cutting guides and cut the paper in half lengthwise.

Decide now if you want to cut out the window inserts and cover with tissue paper. If so, using a craft knife, have an adult cut out the window insets along the inner lines. Then glue a piece of colored tissue paper to the back side of the paper covering the window cut-out.

STEP 3 —

Fold along all fold lines lining up the top and bottom edges so lantern is not crooked.

The places to fold are marked “fold”.

STEP 4 —

Cut out the lantern where indicated.

Do not cut off the tab marked “fold back” (see photo).

STEP 5 —

Put glue along glue tab.

Click the image to see where to do this in the photo.

STEP 6 —

Align the left end of the lantern page with the dashed line on the glue tab forming a cube shaped lantern. Be sure to cover the dashed line on the glue tab. Press firmly. Put aside for a minute to let glue set.

Gently re-crease along all four corners of the cube to get the lantern to stand.

Attach Handle

STEP 1– Cut a 12-inch piece of baker’s twine (DIY Tutorial) or string.

STEP 2– Pull a 1.5-inch piece of tape from a dispenser but do not tear it off just yet.

Turn the dispense upside down so the sticky part of the tape faces up.

STEP 3– Place the end of the string along the center of the tape about 1 inch down.

Remove tape from the dispenser.

Turn the lantern on one of its sides.

STEP 4– Turn the tape sticky side down and place it inside the lantern. Stick your hand thru the bottom of the lantern makes this easier.

Finger press the tape firmly into place.

STEP 5– Attach the string handle to the opposite side in the same manner.


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