HandMade Toy: Game of Toss


This is a good game for children to play during Ramadhan or on even at an ‘Eid party.


Round object (such as a saucer)
Cardboard boxes
Craft Paint, in 3 different colors
Masking Tape
Waste basket (or box)
Measuring Tape or Yard Stick


circlesOpen the cardboard and lay it out flat.
Place the saucer anywhere on the cardboard.

Trace around the saucer.

Repeat for a total of nine (9) discs/circles.

Cut out each circle/disc.

Paint 3 of the discs one color.
Paint another 3 a different color.
Paint the final 3 discs another color.

How to Play:

trash canPlace the trash can in the center of the play area.

Use the masking tape to mark a line on the carpet 6-feet away from the waste basket. Mark several locations or one for each player.

Have players stand on the marked lines.

Assign a score keeper. The score keeper gives each player one of each color discs for a total of 3 discs per player.

Player #1 tosses his discs into the basket from 6 feet away. The score keeper adds up the points after player #1 finishes his toss. Scores are based on the color of the disc that land in the bucket.

The other players go next in clock-wise order.

Scores are as follows:

Color 1 — 1 point
Color 2 — 2 points
Color 3 — 3 points


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