HandMade Toy: Paper Whirligigs


There are so many uses for paper. And hand-made toys are a perfect use. This old-fashioned toy can be made of common wrapper paper cut in the form of spirals.


  • Copy Paper or Wrapping Paper
  • Scissors
  • Wood dot (substitutes: paper clip,
  • Saucer or other round object
  • Pencil


Cut the paper into a circle by tracing around a saucer or other large round object.

Cut the circle into a spiral. It may be easier to draw the spiral with a pencil and then cut along the pencil line.

Some sort of weight such as a small piece of wood or another, not too heavy substance, must be gummed to the center of the wirligig so that when freed in mid air the weight will draw the spiral out, and they will present a curious sight as they go wriggling and twisting toward the earth.

To fly, drop from a high place such as above the head or even a window (with care).

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