Paper Helicopter

paper helicopter finishedIntroduction:

All children will love this paper toy! It is a toy they can make themselves.

Source: The American Boy Handy Book, 1919.

Religious Note: Why we should let children play during Ramadhan {HERE}.


  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Clothespin
  • Construction Paper


1. Cut a rectangle that measures 4.5 x 6 inches.

2. Fold in half.

3a. Place a ruler along the fold. Mark a small dot 2 ¼-inches from the left edge.
3b. Place the ruler along the top edge. Mark a small dot 2 ¼-inches from the left edge.
3c. Line the ruler up with the two dots. Starting at the fold line, draw a straight line connecting the two dots.

4. Cut along the drawn line down to the fold as shown in the diagram to make the wings.

5. Fold the wings away from each other. Clip the tip of the clothespin to the middle bottom of the paper.

paper helicopter all stepsHow to Play:

Drop the helicopter from a high (but safe) place and watch it twirl to the ground below.

Web Resources:

Here are ways to make a similar toy:

  • >>> Roto-Copter {HERE}
  • >>> How to Make a Paper Helicopter {HERE}

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