Pipe Cleaner Play

pipe cleaner arabesqueIntroduction:

Kids will have endless hours of creative fun with this activity, insha’Allah.

For example, the Islamic shape (see photo) was made as two separate pieces that were tied together with string; it’s meant to hang in a window or on a wall.

First, we printed two clipart images. Then, two pieces of orange pipe cleaner were twisted pipe cleaner mishkah tuttogether to make one long piece. Next, we lay the pipe cleaner on top of a mishkah clipart then shaped, bent, and manipulated it following along the lines of the image. We did the same for the smaller inner shape.

We used the search term “Islam” on the website clker.com {HERE} to find images. Other clipart can be found from around the Web insha’Allah.


  • Pipe cleaners
  • Scissors


Guide children to cut pipe cleaners into various lengths or twist them together to make longer pieces. Have children shape the pipe cleaners into letters, numbers, objects, etc.

Web Resources:

Here are some websites for inspiration and ideas.

  • Spoonful.com >>> 25 Easy Pipe Cleaner Activities {HERE}
  • ABC Home Preschool.com >>> Pipe Cleaner Crafts {HERE}
  • Pipe Cleaner Crafts.co.uk >>> DIY Tutorials for Kids {HERE}
  • Tip Junkie.com >>> Clever Pipe Cleaner Crafts {HERE}


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