Pocket Stars Activity and Craft (Tots thru Kindergarten)

This is an early literacy game as well as an exercise activity. Young children ages 0 to 5 can develop their narrative skills,  their understanding of how a story works with a beginning, middle, and end.

Print Friendly version (pdf) contains these instructions plus star and moon templates.


Cut out some paper stars and tape them to a wall high above or on the ceiling. Cut out a crescent moon and also attach to the wall above.

Point to the stars above. Say: “Let’s go star picking!”

Say: “Reach and reach and reach” while stretching your arms and hands up to the stars. As you catch a star, make a catching motion then clap the star shut in your hands.

Stick our your hip.
Put your star in your pocket.
Close your pocket and lock it (click your tongue).

Say: “Okay, let’s get another one!”

Repeat 4 times for 4 pockets.

You can put up cut outs on anything that is above us such as dates, clouds, leaves, rain drops, snowflakes, etc.

Take the child to a window. Point up at the sky, at a tree etc. Say “It is Allah who makes the real _____ (dates, moon stars, clouds, leaves, rain etc.) that we see outside.”

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