Toothpick Play

Toothpick games are a great way to get a child to concentrate. They are an awesome way to keep kids busy during Ramadhan or any other time.

Use caution when allowing small children to play with toothpicks. Either use blunt tipped toothpicks, or blunt the tip of round ones.


Toothpicks plain or in colors, blunt tipped

To make your own toothpick colors, dip plain wooden toothpicks in tempera paint and let dry

Cheese shaker (optional)


Give  child some toothpicks. Instruct them to lay toothpicks on a table or the floor to make an abstract design.

If there are several children, the first person lays down one toothpick, and the next person adds his toothpick to the design and so on in round robin order. Each person puts their toothpick down in a way that they are happy with. There is no right and wrong way to create abstract art. But they should try to create something interesting looking.

Instead of something abstract, children can make a specific scene. It can be something like a house, trees, a flower etc. Each person works on a different part of the scene.

If the design becomes a little jumbled, allow the child to fix it if he wants to do so. However, if the design is really out of whack don’t get upset. Express that mistakes happen and maybe it is time to start another design.

Another activity to do with toothpicks is to have the children place the toothpicks into the holes of an empty cheese shaker.

Toothpick play should keep your child busy for quite a while!

Source: Attention Games by Barbara Sher
Image via Wikimedia Commons

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