Toys for Fidgeters: Clay Activity

This is not so much of a craft as it is a Ramadhan survival tip.

Oil-based sculpting clay (also known as modeling clay)

Sculpting clay is oil based. It won’t dry out. And it is incredibly pliable.

Give your child a small piece of sculpting clay and suggest play.

Some children are anxious or restless. This can be natural especially due to stress and being in a house full of hungry adults and older siblings can be stressful.

Allowing this type of play helps the child release excess energy in a way that is enjoyable and socially acceptable.

The child is also learning how to identify and deal with anxiousness.


  1. Fill a balloon with corn starch. Squeezing it is calming.
  2. Interlocking rings and small toys meant to be stretched.

Van Aken Plastalina Modeling Clay sold at Dick Blick Art Supplies (HERE)

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