[Goals] How to Write a Dunya/Akhirah Du’aa List

In Practical Way to Benefit from Ramadhaan, Mustafa George advises that,

  • “For the last 10 nights of Ramadhaan, its a good idea to make a list of things that you want in the dunya and in the Next life.
  • And then ask Allah for those things. Indeed, He gives without any measures.”

Make a Du’aa List
Ask your child to put some real thought into what he wants to supplicate to Allah about. Hopefully, the child’s du’aa will be more focused, intentional, and more meaningful.

  1. Create a sample list beforehand to show to your child. Use the dunya/akhira printable.
  2. Then guide the child to write his own list using dunya/akhira printable. Children who cannot write can dictate their list to be written by a parent.
  3. Write the final list of the du’aa worksheet. It has du’aa etiquette, hadith on du’aa and other reminders.

Print Outs

  • My List of Ramadhan Du’aa worksheet {HERE}
  • Dunya/Akhirah Du’aa List – mickey font  {HERE}
  • Dunya/Akhirah Du’aa List – mono font  {HERE}
  • Dunya/Akhirah Du’aa List – motor font  {HERE}
  • Dunya/Akhirah Du’aa List – webster font {HERE}

Listen to some Du’aa on What to Ask For
While we are on the subject, here are two excellent audio by Dr. Saleh As-Saleh (rahimahullah) of some great du’aa to know and make.

  •  Some Important Invocations part 1 – 8 Minutes · MP3
  • Some Important Invocations part 2 – 11 Minutes · MP3

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