Crafty Ramadhan’s Weekly Picks: {May 30, 2012}


It’s time for Ramadhan Planner’s Family Edition Weekly Update! Today you will find more reminders, a free printable menu planner, and tips to unclutter the dining room.  And you will see new craft projects as well as oldies, and more…


Count Down -— There are about 50 days—1 month, 2 weeks—until Ramadhan 1433 A.H. (Jul 2012) insha’Allah. If you haven’t started preparing, it’s not too late. And if you have started your preparations, keep it up!

Make Ups -— Keep making up your missed days from the last Ramadhaan! Remind your family members and friends as well.

Drink Water — It’s nearly June; the main focus before Ramadhan starts is on hydrating your body well. You don’t want to start this upcoming Ramadhan in a state of dehydration — Signs of Dehydration.

CRAFTY PICKS_______________________________________________________

New Craft Projects

 Kid Frames We’ve recently added 3 more book markers! All have the start/stop points for each of the 30 juz. Print and cut out.GoTo: 30 Parts of Quran Book Markers


Hang this Ramadhan Mubarak Robot Mobile for a fun display!  You;ll need a drinking straw and some string plus the printable.
GoTo: Ramadhan Mubarak Robot Mobiles   


Another cute mobile for more crafty fun! This one also uses a drinking straw. Print, color, and put together.
GoTo: Flower Ramadhan Mubarak Mobile  


We think these 3 new designs of paper chains are fun. Print, cut out, and put together. Some are colorable. Have fun!
GoTo: Ramadhan Paper Chains

Oldies but Goodies Files

From YesterYear

Muslim Learning Garden Ramadhan Crafts — A sister has posted her Ramadhan crafts to her blog. Free Ramadhan Crafts  — 4 Ramadhan crafts from

More crafts, lessons, activities, and printables on their way, insha’Allah!


Du’aa Flash Cards  —  A word activity that will help your children remember what to say upon breaking their fast.

Instructions included for those who do not have a printer.

GoTo: [Flash Cards] Learn Du’aa for Breaking the Fast

And try these also, 

— lapbooks, vocabulary, charts, poetry, puzzles, games, even recipes GoTo: Pre-K Ramadhaan

— a long list of activities and links put together by a sister several years ago GoTo: Ramadhaan Curricula‏

ORGANIZED RAMADHAN___________________________________________________

From the Ramadhan Planner Site

Freebie Meal Planner   —  This is a bare-bones planner. You write in the days of the week and the titles across the top. Very customizable.  Menu Plan Blank (Ramadhan) (pdf)

Unclutter & Clean Project  —  This week you will focus on two things: uncluttering and cleaning the dining room. I have included more recipes for non-toxic furniture cleaners that you can make yourself with a few simple ingredients.   Continue reading →

Flylady Ramadhan   —  Flylady Ramadhan and her control journals, and missions will start in about 2 weeks. In the meantime, take advantage of the Unclutter Project’s weekly assignments. It will make Flylady Ramadhan go much more smoothly.

AUDIO LOUNGE____________________________________________________

Ramadhaan – Fasting Summary (English)

Dr. Saleh as Saleh — Rahima-hullaah  –  Bio Data: About

QUESTION & ANSWER_____________________________________________

Question: Intention for Fasting Ramadhan
Does every day on which the fast is performed in Ramadan require an intention, or is it sufficient to make one intention for the whole month?

Answer:   It is sufficient in Ramadan to make one intention at the beginning of it, because even if the fasting person did not make an intention for every day the night before, that was has intention at the start of the month.

But if the fasting is broken during the month due to a journey, or illness or the like, he must make the fresh intention, because he has broken it by abandoning the fast due to travel, illness or the like.

Shaykh Muhammad bin Saalih al-`Uthaymeen Islamic Verdicts on The Pillars of Islaam, vol.2, page.644

LAST WEEK’S SELECTIONS____________________________________________________

Just in case you missed last week:  Ramadhan Planner’s Weekly Selections: {May 23, 2012}