Crafty Ramadhan’s Weekly Picks {May 16th, 2012}


For the week Wednesday May 16-22, 2012 . . . It’s time for Ramadhan Planner’s Family Edition Weekly Update! Today you will find more reminders to make up fasts, a Ramadhan lantern, and activity book to print. Also, some tips for planning as a group, and tackling organization issues, and more . . .


Count Down -— There are about 62 days (a bit over 2 months) until Ramadhan 1433 A.H. (Jul 2012) insha’Allah. It is not too early to start thinking about Ramadhan and planning for it.

Make Ups -— Keep making up your missed days from the last Ramadhaan! Remind your family members and friends as well.

CRAFTY PICKS_______________________________________________________

Paper Fanoos (Lantern)
An easy and fun lantern to make with the kids.
Print Here (pdf).

[Image from Smart Ark]

More crafts, lessons, activities, and printables on their way, insha’Allah!


Ramadan Activity Book

75 pages of various math, reading, cognitive and fine motor skill activities and games  for children.  Go to A Muslim Child is Born to get your copy!

[Image from A Muslim Child is Born]

HOME ORGANIZATION___________________________________________________

Crafty Organizer — Here is a handy storage tip!

Use a plastic storage tote to give your Ramadhan craft supplies a home of their own.  A 10-gallon or larger tote can hold crayons, markers, glue, paper, scissors and more. Cardboard boxes work equally as well and they are free.

Sort like items or similarly function items into quart-size, or gallon-size freezer bags instead of having supplies loose in the tote.

Take advantage of pencil boxes, pencil pouches, and other types of compartments to keep supplies in order.

Next, label a file folder label with a word that generally describes what is in the freezer bag, pencil box, or pouch. Stick as near to the top as possible.

Finally, label the tote “Ramadhan Crafts”.

ORGANIZED RAMADHAN___________________________________________________

Make a Plan — One of the easiest ways to stay organized during Ramadhan is to create a Ramadhaan Management Schedule. Continue reading →

Meet-Ups Help with Ramadhan Prep
Find a partner to meet with as you get prepared for Ramadhaan. The meet-up does not have to be in person; it can be over the telephone or internet (thru emails, chat, etc.).

The most important thing, is to find a willing buddy — or two or three. This helps people get motivated and focused. So, plan that meet-up: get out that address book, a calendar and some paper!

Here is what one sister did:

“. . . so last night I met up with a dear sister and we discussed our preparation for this coming Ramadan. We discussed preparation before Ramadan starts and our goals during Ramadan. I felt that it was extremely productive and I feel so ready for Ramadan now…alhamdulillah. So, I thought I’d share what we discussed with you all so that it may insha’Allah give you ideas for your own Ramadan preparation. “

AUDIO LOUNGE____________________________________________________

Ramadhaan – Merits and Rulings 1 (English starts at 49 min)

Shaaykh Mohammad Ibn Abdullah Ibn Ali Ibn Ahmad Al-Jarrullah Al-Malki — Bio Data: About Website:
Yahoo Group:
WizIQ: ilmforall-shaikh-mohammad-al-malki1075303

QUESTION & ANSWER_____________________________________________

Question: What is the ruling on a fasting person cooling himself down?

Answer: It is permissible for a fasting person to cool himself down, and there is no objection to it, for the Messenger sallAllaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam used to pour water over his head due to heat or thirst and he was fasting [1], and Ibn ‘Umar, may Allaah be pleased with them, used to wet his garment when he was fasting in order to alleviate the excessive heat and thirst. And the wetness has no effect, because in such cases water does not reach the stomach.

A LOOK AHEAD____________________________________________________

Crafty Ramadhan’s Weekly Picks: {May 9, 2012}


For the week Wednesday May 9-16, 2012 . . .

Count Down -— There are about 70 days until Ramadhan 1433 A.H. (Jul 2012) insha’Allah. It is not too early to start thinking about Ramadhan and planning for it.

Make Ups -— Keep making up your missed days from the last Ramadhaan! Remind your family members and friends as well.

Make a Plan — One of the easiest ways to stay organized is to create a Ramadhaan Management Schedule. Continue reading →

Ramadhan Bulletin Boards

Lesson Plans Bulletin Board
Instructions on how to create this BB
Continue Reading


Multi-Resource Bulletin Board 
Photos and links will help you recreate this BB.
Continue Reading

More crafts, lessons, activities, and printables coming soon, insha’Allah!


Ramadhan Crafts Compilation — Review, plan & shop for supplies now for these wonderful crafts. Enjoy! Download RamadanCrafts ebook [pdf 34 pages]

Coloring Pages —  Islamic Stained GlassGeometric Star Geometric Design 1 Geometric Design 2

QUICK READS____________________________________________________

Mercies of Ramadhan: Sins. Within the religion of Islaam there are many favors; one is the month of Ramadan, which is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar.

The Prophet – sallallahu alaihi wa sallam – explained to his Ummah that Ramadaan has such a high station that even if a Muslim’s sins were as much as the foam upon the sea, they would be forgiven through fasting in this month.

He – sallallahu alaihi wa sallam – said: “He who fasts in Ramadaan due to eemaan and hoping for reward from Allah then his previous sins are forgiven [3].

Furthermore, in this month people are freed from the Hellfire every day and night, due to Allah’s extreme mercy. The Prophet – sallallahu alaihi wa sallam – told us in this regard that:

“There are, in the month of Ramadaan, in every day and night, those whom Allah grants freedom from the Fire, and there is for every Muslim a supplication which he can make and it will be granted” [4].

This supplication, which is never rejected, occurs at the time of breaking the fast (see Sunan ibn Maajah, 1/577).

[3] Narrated by Aboo Hurairah and collected in Saheeh al-Bukhari (Eng. Trans. Vol.3, no.125) & Saheeh Muslim (Eng. Trans. Vol.1, no.1664). The hadeeth applies to one who affirms the obligation of fasting in Ramadaan and hopes for the reward of doing it, being pleased with it, not feeling aversion to it, nor thinking that standing in its night is a hardship.

[4] Saheeh – Narrated by Jaabir and collected in Musnad Ahmad and al-Bazzar.

Fruits of Ramadaan“. From ad-Dawal ila-Allah (

LISTENING IN____________________________________________________

The Advices of the Salaf in Regard to Ramadhan — How do you forgive? And how does forgiveness make worship easy?

Shaaykh Mohammad Ibn Abdullah Ibn Ali Ibn Ahmad Al-Jarrullah Al-Malki
Imam / Khateeb – Masjid Al Baraa bin Malik,
King Abdul Azeez International Airport Residential Complex, Member, Jeddah Dawah Centre.

Click play button below (English translation begins at 49 minutes)

QUESTION & ANSWER_____________________________________________

Question: I never made up the days that I missed from the month of Ramadhan due to my monthly period and I am not able to determine how many days they were. What shall I do now? Continue reading →

A LOOK AHEAD____________________________________________________

Craft: Ramadhan Banner

Ramadhan Banner

This Ramadhan banner is perfect décor to help children feel the specialness of the Month
of Fasting in a fun and inviting way.

Banner, Calendar, Prayer Schedule, Dua for Breaking Fast

Banner, Calendar, Prayer Schedule, Dua for Breaking FastRamadhan Banner


  • colored card stock or paper
  • scissors or decorative scissors/pinking shears
  • utility knife
  • ribbon, 1/8-inches wide, about 4 yards – match to card stock color
  • pushpins
  • crepe paper streamers to match card stock and ribbon (optional)


1. Download the Ramadhan Banner Template here. Decide if you want the letters only, or a combination of  letters, numbers, and motifs.  There are 2 motif designs in the template (page 4 and 5). It’s better to choose only one motif to keep the banner design consistent.  You can print out multiple copies of the motif  pages that you decide to use.

rplanner 048 2. Print the pages that match your selection onto colored card stock or paper. Cut out along the circular line. Use decorative scissors or pinking shears to give letters a decorative edge.

rplanner 049

3. Use a utility knife to cut two vertical slits near top of circle. Then, arrange letters into words and design. String letters together by threading ribbon  through slits. It helps to put tape on one end of the ribbon to help it slide through the cut.

Hang banner in a corner or between opposite walls with pushpins. Hang in one or two rows. Use crepe paper streamers as additional decorations.

Would love to see your pics of this.