Crafty Ramadhan’s Weekly Picks: {June 24-30, 2012}

It’s time for the Crafty Ramadhan Weekly Update!

  • Reminders
  • How to Create a Month of Ramadhan Activities — Part 2
  • Free Storyboard Lesson Plans
  • Ramadhan Planner Preparedness link out



[♦] Count Down -— There are about 25 days until Ramadhan 1433 A.H. (Jul 2012) insha’Allah.

[♦]  Make Up Fasts -— Keep making up your missed days! Tell your family members and friends as well.

[♦] Current Ramadhan Classes See the link to Ramadhan Planner below.

SCHOLASTIC RAMADHAN_____________________________________________

[♦] Part 2: How to Create a Month of Ramadhan Activities & Lessons

Step 2 —  Choose at least 30 from the  Course of Study Planner that you filled out. This was step #1.

Fill in the Ramadhan Daily Educational & Activity Planner (RDEAP) with the selected activities.  Download the RDEAP Guide 1-page format, or the RDEAP Guide 2-page format.

Schedule one or more activities/lessons per day. Don’t worry about over planning.  And be open to doing an activity more than once, especially if it is a hit.

Here is an example:

Pre-Ramadhan Wed 8/4  Make Ramadhan calendar; Make countdown chain; Read 1 Juz (break up into five 20-min sessions)

Day 1 Thu 8/5 Make Ramadhan Mubarak mobile; Read 1 Juz (break up into five 20-min sessions);  Ramadhan Butterflies project

Day 2 Fri 8/6 Attend Jumuah; Read 1 Juz (break up into five 30-min sessions); Dehydration Lesson

The Ramadhan Course of Study Planner (RCOS Planner pdf) has to be filled out first, of course. Read all about that HERE.

Insha’Allah, we will go over Step 3 next week.

[♦] Training Children for Worship – 1) Al-Rubay’ bint Mu’awwidh said they used to distract children during Ramadhan; 2) Mistakes in training children for fasting . . .  Continue Reading

[♦] Islam4Kids: When The Kabah Was Built – This story is about how the great Ka’bah was built. We have to go far back in time – back to the period of Prophet Ibraaheem, ‘alayhis-salaatu was-salaam . . . When The Kabah Was Built

CRAFTY RAMADHAN_____________________________________________[♦] Ramadhan Butterflies Storyboard

How do you feel about the start of Ramadhan? Are you excited? Or, are you nervous? Do you have butterflies in your stomach?

Use the storyboard to draw a picture of your what butterflies feel like. Then write about it on the lines provided.

Go to the Ramadhan Butterflies Storyboard NEW! 2012

[♦] The Perfect Ramadhan —

In this activity, students will write and illustrate their idea of the perfect Ramadhan. Then they will generate a list of du’aa to Allah to get their ideal Ramadhan.

Go to the The Perfect Ramadhan Storyboard [Lesson Plan & Worksheets] NEW! 2012

[♦] The Worst Ramadhan — 

In this activity, students will write and illustrate their idea of the worst Ramadhan. Then they will generate a list of du’aa to ask Allah’s help to avoid a bad Ramadhan.

Go to the  The Worst Ramadhan Storyboard [Lesson Plan & Worksheets] NEW! 2012

RAMADHAN PREPAREDNESS______________________________________

[♦] Unclutter for Ramadhan: A Project for Kids —  The objective is to have the family collect items around the house that are not being used, and give them away during the month of Ramadhaan to someone less fortunate.  Continue reading →

[♦] Over at Ramadhan Planner This week focuses on Flylady Week #3, Making the entrance to your home ready for Ramadhan,  PocketMod for clothing sizes and measurements, recipes, audio on illnesses during Ramadhan, current classes, and more . . . Ramadhan Planner’s Weekly Updates

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