Ramadhan Activity Planner Guide & Forms

Organizing a whole month of activities is easy with the following guide.

What Forms to Use

1. Course of Study Planner {HERE}

2. Daily Educational & Activity Planning Guide {1-line HERE} or {2-line HERE}

3. Weekly Lesson and Activity Plan  {HERE}

4. Detailed Activity & Lesson Planner  {HERE}

How to Use This Guide

The beauty of this type of planning is that once you have the “back bone” (RCOS Planner) everything else can easily be tweaked for all age ranges–from toddlers to adults.

Step 1 — Plan Your Course of Study

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Start with the Ramadhan Course of Study Planner. Download the RCOS Planner form (pdf).

It has various categories in which to jot down information. Use it to gather all of the resources available to you.

Write down websites,  books, audio, video, surah/ayah#, hadith book and number, reference books, maps, worksheets, handouts, and projects you think your children/students will like.

You probably won’t use all of them but it is better to have too much than not enough.

Step 2 — Create a List of Daily Activities

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Start by printing Daily Educational & Activity Planner in either the 1-line format, or the 2-line format.

Now, choose activities from the various sections of the Course of Study Planner to plan each day’s activity.

Write the selected activities on the Ramadhan Daily Educational & Activity Planner.

Schedule one or more activities per day. Don’t worry about over planning.  And be open to doing an activity more than one time, especially if it is a hit.

Here is an example:

Pre-Ramadhan Wed 8/4  Make Ramadhan calendar; Make countdown chain; Read 1 Juz (break up into five 20-min sessions)

Day 1 Thu 8/5 Make Ramadhan Mubarak mobile; Read 1 Juz (break up into five 20-min sessions);  Ramadhan Butterflies project

Day 2 Fri 8/6 Attend Jumuah; Read 1 Juz (break up into five 30-min sessions); Dehydration Lesson;

Step 3 — Weekly Lesson and Activity Plan

Weekly Lesson Planning FormUse this form to write down what you plan to do for the current week (Monday-Friday). It’s kinda of like an outline of your week.

List what you need to do to prepare for lessons or activities (such as which supplies you need), what to print/photo copy, special events for the week. There is plenty of writing space. We’re sure you will love using this sheet!

Download the pdf {HERE}.


Step 4 — Write Up a Detailed Activity & Lesson Plan

click to enlarge image

Next, complete the Ramadhan Detailed Activity & Lesson Planner using this form {HERE}.

It can be written up a week in advance, the day before, or even on the day your students/children do the work.

This sheet is where you provide all of the details necessary to completing an individual activity or lesson such as day and time of the activity, supplies, etc.

You can even script out what you will say, do, questions you will ask, instructions to students, for example.  Detailed plans will be differ from one activity to another depending on activity/lesson requirements.

The activities for the detailed plan come from your completed Daily Educational & Activity Planner.

After reading through the example, you may think this is hard. Actually, it’s not. You already have your activity. Think to the best of your ability how you want to accomplish the task. If you have done the activity/lesson before, then most of the work is done; you just have to remember what you did.

At the end of the activity, make notes on how things went. What worked. What did not. Which parts did the children/students love the most. This will make doing this next year a whole lot easier.

Here is an example (remember, this is an example; it’s not real, not even the links)

Activity/Lesson: Ramadhan Calendar

Objective: We will do one calendar for the family. The calendar will go on the wall next to our Ramadhan bulletin board.

Time Requirements: 45 minutes

Supplies: glue, scissors, double stick tape, markers or crayons, electrical tape.


  • Print calendar pieces (Ramadhan Calendar pdf) from website
  • Assemble materials & set up at the kitchen table
  • Make KWL chart: Tape a large piece of craft paper on the wall.

Step-by-Step Procedure:

Welcome children & seat them at the table. Give the name of the project.

Discuss purpose of calendar (1 minute).

Make Ramadhan Calendar (30 minutes):

  • Aneesa & Khadjiah color and cut out numbers (15 each)
  • Adhan colors and cut out titles
  • Everyone helps make calendar grid using masking tape
  • Attach numbers and titles on the wall with double stick tape

Be prepared to answer questions and help out.

Clean up (10 minutes)

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