I’tikaf Lessons & Activities

These lessons are designed to be fun yet educational.

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Paragraph Right Clip Art

Currently in I’tikaaf Lessons

Understanding I’tikaf

This activity is meant to teach children about I’tikaf.

Listen to “Seclusion in the Mosque – I’tikaaf” before giving this lesson. The audio is below.

1. Read out loud “Rallying Around the Rulings of I’tikaf.”

2. Help children do the activity and answer the questions.

Download Printables from here:

Rallying Around the Rulings for Itikaf

I’tikaf Calendar & Planning Activity

I’tikaf Calendar & Planning Activity Instructions

Seclusion in the Mosque – I’tikaaf



GeoQuiz: Muslim Geography and Artifacts: I’tikaf

How much do you know about the archeology of I’tikaaf?

Draw a line from the picture to the word it describes as  you hunt for artifacts related to spending the last 10 days of Ramadhan in the masjid.

Download GeoQuiz Here

Download Answer Sheet Here




Fill-in-the-Blank Activity: Etiquette and Permissable of I’tikaf

1. Read “Rallying Around the Rulings of I’tikaf” out loud to children. You may have to re-word it for young children.

2. Go over some of the questions provided at the end of the reading.

3. Follow up with this Fill-in-the-blank.


Fill-in-the-Blank Etiquette/Permitted (pdf)




I’tikaf Copywork

Here is copy work of the daleel of I’tikaf. It’s good for handwriting practice & memorization practice.

Quran — Surah 2:125
Trace Quran in Print  | Copy Quran in Print
Trace Quran in Cursive  | Copy Quran in Cursive

Hadith — Aisha on Prophet’s I’tikaf
Trace Hadith in Print  | Copy Hadith in Print
Trace Hadith in Cursive  | Copy Hadith in Cursive


My I’tikaf Coloring Book

Here is a 15-page coloring book about i’tikaaf. It is based on “Permitted Acts During Itikaf” section from “Rallying Around the Rulings for Itikaaf”.

I’tikaaf Coloring Book for Kids

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