‘Eid cards craft (updated)

I know you have tons of things to do to get ready for ‘Eid. How about just one more. Eid cards!

These cards are actually envelopes. However, the “card” part is glued into the center of the card envelope making it an envelope card!

The templates for the cards came from this site. (except for the rectangle one). I enlarged the original patterns to make the cards bigger.s

Here is what an envelope card looks like (I was not able to include this particular design in the template packet):

(link to image)

Template Explanation
The templates are 2 pages per each envelope. The first page is the envelope template. The second page has the inner cards. Using the inner cards (A and B) is optional by the way.

Envelope Card Template Options
Choose from: Rectangular, Rounded Square Petal, Triangle Pentagon, Trading/Gift Card, Bon-Bon box

————————- Envelope Card Tutorial ————————-


  • Decorative/Scrapbooking paper
  • Construction or copy paper
  • Glue stick, double-stick tape, or spray adhesive
  • Border scissors (optional)
  • Markers
  • A smile


Make the envelope

  • Download the eid cards templates.
  • Print the ones you want to use.
  • Cut out the templates and cards that you want.
  • Next, lay the decorative side of the paper facing the table. Place the template on top of your decorative paper.
  • Hold the paper in place either with your hand, or by using a paper clip or two, or use a piece of clear tape.
  • Trace the template shape onto the blank side of the decorative paper.
  • Remove template and cut out envelope.
  • Fold each side of the envelope flap inward. Crease folds well with a boning tool or your finger.

Make the “inner” cards

  • Now, cut out the card templates A and B. You can skip this step and write directly inside the center part of the envelope.
  • Trace the cards onto contrasting decorative paper, copy paper, or construction paper.
  • Cut them out.
  • Write your ‘Eid message on Card B.

Assemble the final product

  • Place Card A in the center of the envelope. Glue it down.
  • Then place Card B on top of and in the center of Card A.
  • Glue that down also.

How to Close the Card
To close the card, fold each flap inward going in a circular direction. Then tuck the last flap under the first one.

Securing the Card
You can use ribbon, or string to keep the card closed completely. Or, use a boning tool to make a very tight crease along the fold lines. This works really well.

Have fun!

I’ll try to post some pics later. In the meantime, enjoy these See photos HERE.

If you find any mistakes or if my instructions don’t make sense, please let me know!

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